Mashmorgan! Seemingly, a gigantic crack ship. What could possibly lead the queen of Britain and Chaldea's resident shielder to kiss? Well boi, let me enlighten you!

This post will solely cover their canon interactions. For thoughts on how this ship could go after canon, refer to this page.

Anyways. The most basic shit about Mashmorgan is: Mash and Morgan spent a long time together. So long that Mash starts considering herself a part of the Fairy Calendar over the Queen's calendar (see: Totrot having to remind her "you're not the only one who remained, you're the one who is going home! You were never meant to be here in the first place.") Furthermore, Mash and Tonelico didn't just hang out. They were good friends! Tonelico trusted Mash enough to tell her that Tonelico is, in fact, a ball of rage and ressentment wrapped in a savior skin (which is a big deal considering Tonelico lies to Fucking Everyone about her true feelings on things.) Totrot wanted to make matching dresses for Mash and Morgan. It's important to note that the ONLY time Morgan ever smiles during the entire lostbelt is with Mash ("Sure! We did our best, didn't we?" while sending Mash home.) Considering this, "what if these two fell in love during their time together?" is not that much of a stretch.

Speaking of, the fact that Tonelico sent Mash back in the present at all is very telling of Tonelico's feelings for Mash. The excuse she gives Totrot is "well I wanna recruit Mash later," but that's very obviously bull; Tonelico's last conversation with Mash makes it very clear that Tonelico expects them to be enemies later on. Besides, how can you recruit someone you know for a fact you won't remember? Morgan has zero reasons to send Mash back to her own time. She knows she's shooting herself in the foot by doing that. She KNOWS that Mash will turn out to be an enemy. But she's sending Mash back anyways. Because it's the right thing to do? Because it wouldn't be fair otherwise, and Morgan values fairness above all? Because Tonelico failed to save Uther, but she could still help one friend on this bitch of an earth? You tell me.

Now whether you want to read them as exes or just people who yurily pinned after one another, we're now in wonderfully tragic romance territory. Two people who do love each other but cannot stand by the same side because of widely differing ideals. Adding to that the dramatic irony of Mash and Morgan never knowing each other at the same time- Tonelico knows who Mash is, Mash doesn't know who Tonelico is. Mash knows who Morgan is, Morgan doesn't know who Mash is. Mash and Morgan are people who could have fallen in love, who could have even dated- but never, ever, be happy together.

But their affections toward one another didn't die with the Fairy Calendar. Mash still holds Tonelico's memory close to her heart- Tonelico (the summonable one) has a line mentioning that though she has no idea who Mash is, Mash keeps looking at her with sadness. Furthermore, while Morgan changed a lot from her Tonelico days, Mash still knows the woman pretty well- when asked if she's willing to fight, she responds "well yeah I know the gal she won't give up without a fight." On the other hand, Morgan doesn't remember Mash, but she still holds the knight in high regards; in the Fairy Cup event, she mentions that "oh lol you guys had Mash with you no wonder you guys turned out fine." Her noble phantasm, "Roadless Camelot," can also be read as "Lordless Camelot," a possible reference to Mash's "Lord Camelot." Additionally, when you barge in her throne room early lb6.2 to ask her about Mash, Morgan does not remember that name, but she does react to the description of Fairy Knight Galahad. She doesn't remember Mash, but even without her memories something still echoes in her about it.

Morgan may not have saved Fairy Britain, but she did successfully save Fairy Knight Galahad. And that's significant, I think.


A banner with Tonelico's sprite on the left and Mash's sprite on the right. The background is the colors of the leather pride flag. The text reads 'Mash fucked that young woman'